Creative Developmentby Kris Oliver

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin..."
- Julia Lang

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
- Walt Disney

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."
- Albert Einstein


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Project Rates

4 page website £750

CAD design from £250

Day Rates

Animation £195

Webdesign £195

Story Development £225

Composition £300


Library Music

An emotive collection of 100+ tracks

Animation £29

Webdesign £29

Story Development £225

Composition £300


Father of Emily

Kris' first novel Father of Emily reached amazon's top 100 best sellers in 2012.
It is a touching story of love lost, new and found, an easy read and explores a roller-coaster of emotions.

Millie Rose

The enormous little adventures of Millie Rose is a fun and lighthearted children's picture and audio book set in a beautiful english garden. Millie and friends helps a little confused snail find his home.



Monkey sing-along (composer)

Fun & educational sing-along videos for pre-school and primary little monkeys.
Songs include, 'Monkey around' & 'Halloween Night'

Superworks (composer)

Interactive attraction located at the Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi created by A.I.Solve. Kids choose their own avatars and take on adventures with their new found superpowers

Dead Love (trailer composer)

An upcoming horror movie about the strangest of love triangles.

iCanConduct (additional music)

A music app for children that allows kids to turn off and on individual instruments while a song is playing.

Granddad & the Mouse (composer/writer)

An interactive puppet show for kids, with lots of singing dancing and cheese!

Safe House (composer)

Safe House is a high tech, high energy, thriller set in 'Control', a British government agency, tasked with stopping an imminent terrorist attack. With heavy on stage video interaction, the show promises to be visually unique and absolutely gripping.

Video Month (composer)

A new video each day produced by James Hamer-Morton

Apocalypse (composer)

Written by James Hamer-Morton as a one act play for stage, Apocalypse tells the story of a petty domestic argument framed in an extreme apocalyptic situation.

Dynamic Vienne (additional sound mixing)

Fun-filled 4D seat attraction at the French theme park Futuroscope

How convenient (composer)

Romantic short film by SCCC productions based in Canada.

New York TV Guide Magazine (composer)

Musical backing track for various online video interviews.

The Real Mary Kings Close (composer)

Musical soundtrack for various projects including 'The Supernatural History Tours'

Design & Concept

The Main Company (PHP systems developer)

A Family business based in York creating beautiful handmade furniture & installations.

The Reclaimed Flooring Company (web-designer)

Now merged with The Main Company York.

Expedition Tiger (graphic artist)

Intense immersive attraction based at Knuthenborg Safaripark, Denmark.

OneShotPitch.coom (founder / web-designer)

A website that makes the internet bite-sized...

The British Frog (founder / web-designer)

A holiday forum/service helping tourist connect with local expats...

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