Kris Oliver

Kris Oliver

Born in the Northeast of England, Kris has had the fortune of travelling and working in many different countries, including over 10 years in Paris, France, and spent several months living in the Caribbean, Switzerland, Scotland and Spain. He is currently based in York, UK where he collaborates with the majority of his international clients via the internet.


Approaching nearly 20 years experience creating music for projects around the world. His credits span from theatre & film, to video games & internationally known theme parks. With no two tracks or commissions alike, he always enjoys the challenge of exploring new genres and revisiting previous styles.
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Kris' first novel Father of Emily reached amazon's top 100 best sellers in 2012. It is a touching story of love lost, new and found, an easy read and explores a roller-coaster of emotions.

The enormous little adventures of Millie Rose is a fun and lighthearted children's picture and audio book set in a beautiful english garden. Millie and friends helps a little confused snail find his home.


In 2013, Kris launched the online platform This original concept invites users to intrigue the world with only 1 image or 20 words.

Previous ventures have included The British Frog in 2011 and a children's puppet show in his mother's garden when he was around 6 years old. Unfortunately he was made to handback the £1 coins he collected from the other children in his street as the show was improvised.

Concept Artist

Kris has designed concepts and collaborated on shows and attractions throughout Europe. Working within the design and consulting company Tejix, alongside Disney Imagineers and regularly collaborating with Copenhagen based design agency Hello! among others.

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